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Thread: Why I dont Debate "Politics" anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl View Post
    I know I got friends here afew of ya even message me "whats up karl" or know me from other sites...

    As for "politics" its NO "USE" here "anymore" ..

    Im the Classic "Concern" TROLL...

    Before all these sites got all "per" SNICKITY why I used to run minnim Half a dozen "Sok" accounts at any given time...

    @Old Ridge Runner would be my "witness" from" old Chucks Place .....

    I appreciate @Trinnity and @Calypso Jones for not only KICKING my @$$ 2 the "CURB" they even gave me a "Home"....

    The "Politics" end though it seems we are all AT WAR .....everything lately is just another PISSING "Contest"...

    Forget even the "parties"...

    If I disagree with you OR vise versa even "Slightly". well ya a Commie "Socialist"...

    Instead of personally "insulting" and "degrading" eachother" how about "actually" DeBating the subject at hand on a "Factual Basis". ...

    I guess Glenn Beck was "Spot" On in that we are so "Polarized" now that "Everyone" is an ENEMY

    I haven't read enough of your posts to judge you but what you say here is right on the mark....this board in the beginning was fantastic....exactly what was needed. The owner was a friend of mine and still to a certain extent I think still is but I suspect when the board got off the track was when some curmudgeons came on here and begin to exert some influence...I was reason was broken rule was mentioned simply because I broke no rules.

    This board sometimes reminds me of the conservative and tea party message board....if you to see some misguided folks go there....a bunch of curmudgeons who really believe they are conservative. Pathetic.
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