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Thread: Ginger

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    So much for speaking English.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinnity View Post
    Alle manner lieben ihre berge, ich weiß, dass du dein gesicht darin vergraben willst, du ungezogener junge. Deine Frau würde dir in den schlagen !!!

    We had a contract in the sticks, no hotels within 45 miles, we were over 180 miles from home so we had to stay somewhere, we sent a guy out in the van to look for accommodation for us all.
    He came back and told us everything was sorted out. We finished work and drove to the digs which turned out to be a residence for people who needed looking after, the owner showed us our rooms then told us dinner would soon be ready, there was so much food for us I put on half a stone in 2 weeks.
    Each evening the owner would come into the tv room and give us 4 cans of Guinness each, she’d sit and chat to us for a while and one by one my work colleagues went to their rooms.
    She got up from the sofa and returned with 4 more cans of Guinness to which i thanked her for.
    After a while she moved closed to me and whispered that her husband was a lot older than her and missed the intimacy of male contact, I looked at her with a smile and she buried my head into her large cleavage. I didn’t resist as you can imagine.
    The next morning at breakfast not a word was said about it.

    A few years after I was talking to one of our guys and he mentioned that contract and said “hey Neo, the owner seduced me quite a few times in the lounge when everybody went to bed……. I said “really?”
    And there was me thinking I was the only one.
    RIP Wes.

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