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Thread: What are you doing at this moment thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonsqtr View Post
    No, I'm trying to educate you dumbass physicists

    But it's hard to teach old dogs new tricks

    So I just make you keep looking in the mirror, and if you're not totally used to obeying your master you'll eventually realize you don't have to

    I just learned more in 40 days than most people learn in their entire lifetimes.

    I learned enough to prove Shannon and von Neumann wrong in ONE sentence, and you can't challenge it because I'm right and you know it.

    What are YOU doing in retirement, rehashing the ballistics of pointed objects? I already know all about pointed objects, they're boring.

    F=mA is so 17th-century. The kids will tell you, there's no such thing as a force, there are only bosons. With and without mass.

    Hey, I'm old too, but this old dog can still run circles around a whole litter of puppies.
    Actually, I don't really follow your meanderings in these topics. I only care about this area in a tangential way. So, I decided to just stay out of thinking about this for the new year. I am trying to concentrate my tech thought life on an AI idea that I prototyped, in a limited environment, years ago. I want to both simplify and generalize it this year.
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    Sitting here at work again what else?

    All by my lonesome until about 4:30 a.m.

    That's okay give me plenty of time to clean the store my truck comes in this morning I have to count the inventory on it and sign for it.

    And your damn right I counted cuz it's about 3 to 5,000 worth of tobacco and if I put my John Hancock on it guess who's responsible?

    And I'll start making four different types of tea here in a little bit probably I think about 8 gallons worth.

    Tote a bunch of 5 gallon buckets of ice from the machine to various vessels.

    You'd be surprised how much there is to do even this time of night
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    Yep, I'd wrap that in bacon! KEEP AMERICA GREAT, TRUMP 2020
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