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Thread: What are you doing at this moment thread

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    Friday morning...just past 10:30....

    Waiting for a son to arrive so we can get into that exhaust chest built. Concreting used to be easy on me...but...I need new knees, so.....

    I have two CUMMINS, 4 cyl diesel gensets...66kva, each. I needed to get specialty mufflers for them..."critical residential" but...that's not good enough. It is good enough for me...but Council wants it quieter to give me the permit to get a camping bizz, going (hot tubs). What an "exhaust chest", a concrete (cinder blocks on a pad) sarcophagus, of sorts. 1.2m long, .8m wide, 1.2m high. Inside it...there's one baffle wall with a brick missing on the bottom so exhaust coming in at the top of one end...gets into the second chamber, through the bottom hole...then, out the top of the other end. The whole inside of the thing needs bitumen over it or the sulphur in the diesel exhaust "eats" the mortar and cinder blocks. Once the exhaust exits the muffler...and, dumps into and through this's incredibly quiet.

    I always thought there'd be a business in building this for people that need genset power. Maybe...just selling the plans???

    So...just gonna lie around until my kid gets here...watching Tucker at the moment.
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    Medical exam *blood* tomorrow
    Hope all is feeling good..I am but a bit tired
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