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Thread: Applause when Trump tells presstitute "you're finished"

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    Applause when Trump tells presstitute "you're finished"


    They really have an aura of "I'm allowed to do or say whatever I want, the rules dont apply to me" about themselves.


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    That was funny, they act like children you sometimes have to be the adult in the room

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    I thought it was sad.

    The whole nation is infantile, now. We have Fake Nooze liars behaving like that. We have urban coloreds, and not just a few of them, engaged in the kind of arson General Sherman utilized in his march to the coast. And the kind of looting that would have made Genghis Khan blush.

    We have multimillionaire ATHLETES...not scientists, not businessmen, but people playing a kids' game for money - we have these illiterate millionaires damning the country, denigrating the flag and insulting the National Anthem. We have a consensus, now, that we can have it all without even work - by printed up money, all this GD "Stimulus." It's going to kill us, and we will deserve to have been destroyed.

    And the capping act: We have a stupid, crooked Leftist pol who finally got his just desserts. He's got Alzheimer's.

    And half the nation is ready to elect this confused, demented old traitor, to the White House!

    Yes...infantile. No grownups about, anymore...or at least, not nearly enough.

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