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Thread: Our Mission Statement

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    Our Mission Statement

    On behalf of Calypso Jones, Ginger, and myself, welcome.

    This forum is here to help the cause of conservatism; a place to share information, wisdom, and facts. A place to get together and strategize. A place to find friends to help fight the advancement of the global Left's penchant to control everything and everyone. A place free of professional trolls and harassment. Free of liberal mods who think the rules are to punish conservatives and aid liberals.

    This is a privately owned forum that leans right - we're not trying to achieve ideological balance. We're not obligated to make sure we have enough liberals. But everyone is welcome and everyone gets a fair shake as long as they're civil and don't use the forum to promote an agenda or spam liberal content. Subtle forms of harassment, making extra work for staff, or playing games of any sort will get you targeted and banned. Liberals, we're happy to have you and hear your opinions as long as you don't troll. If you can debate your position with facts, reason, and logic, then good for you and well done. Try to sway our opinions and we'll do the same for you.

    I urge conservatives of all types, be you traditional, libertarian, Tea Party or whatever, to get informed, get involved, do something to help restore limited govt and the Constitution. When good men and women do nothing, bad people will prevail. You are those good men and women; no waiting for someone else - no excuses; it's you. It's Us. Because getting results is more than talk. It begins with YOU. It begins with us. If we fail to plan, if we fail to speak, if we fail to act, we just fail. Our Constitution gives us critical autonomous rights, and the means to return our govt to its duty and limits and we can make that happen. Without violence.

    Talk to people. Appeal to logic, reason, and the good in people. Be an example of self-reliance, kindness, and ethics. Carry the spirit of America in you and make it shine from you.

    Our tone here is to provide an enjoyable, inviting forum that promotes free speech and treats you like an adult, not a member owned, not a child. People say they want free speech but can you handle it? Yes? Well then you take the good with the bad, warts and all. But with the pleasure of free speech -unconstrained by political correctness- comes the responsibility of civil behavior. Be civil, be adult, and we hope you enjoy your time here.
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