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Thread: Utah will defy federal anti-gun laws

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    Utah will defy federal anti-gun laws

    Utah (a reliably red state) is--thankfully!--taking a step in the direction of nullification. This one is in regard to the Obama administration's current fetish for gun control.

    Here is a bit of the pertinent article:

    As sheriffs across the nation signal opposition to enforcing additional federal gun regulations, the Utah Sheriffs' Association sent a letter to President Obama assuring him that its members similarly will not comply.

    The letters insists that the rights of Utah citizens trump any new gun control measure that Congress might pass, and sheriffs in Utah are prepared to trade their lives in defense of their constituents' right to keep and bear arms.

    The letter, signed by 28 of Utah's 29 sheriffs, sternly rejects the citation of recent tragedies as Congress's rationale for expanded gun regulation...[Bold added]
    And the link: Utah Sheriffs Association to Obama: From Our Cold Dead Hands

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    This is very good news!
    The Democratic Party IS the problem and always has been. -Trinnity
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    Wow! Good job utah leos!!

    We just need more & more americans to take a stand for freedom, & defy the statist flood. It CAN be turned back!
    I am used to men who mock and scorn things beyond their comprehension. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832
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