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Thread: What do John Edwards and Trump have in common?

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    What do John Edwards and Trump have in common?

    Former presidential candidate John Edwards was accused of funneling nearly $1 million in donor contributions to support his pregnant mistress and criminally charged with a campaign finance violation. Here's how the case played out. (

    Remember John Edwards, the VP candidate with John Kerry for the Democrat Presidential candidate? He was accused of the same crime Trump is regarding Stormy Daniels. For you see, he too had a mistress he was financing using questionable funds.

    • John Edwards was charged with campaign finance violations in 2011 related to his 2008 presidential run.
    • He was accused by the DOJ of funneling nearly $1 million in donations to his pregnant mistress.
    • Edwards was acquitted of one campaign finance violation charge — the others were dropped.

    (more at link)

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