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Thread: Pfizer Finally Responds to Bombshell Project Veritas Sting Gone

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    Did they fire that “ Tough little Monkey “

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    It is the arrogance of the scientific community is the most dangerous thing on earth.

    Reactive science is a positive thing, Research science can be a positive thing, explorative science is a dangerous and quite often deadly thing when it is done with radical "take a chance" egotistical "educated idiots" who call themselves intellectuals.

    Education does not equate to IQ it can be errantly used to synthisize the appearnce of IQ, but people with education without REAL IQ are very dangerous.

    It takes a prettty hefty IQ to follow all of the possible, probable and unknown expected outcomes of any action, most people have no abiity to do the required in depth possibilties and it is something that cannot be taught.

    It is like setting up rows of dominoes for a run. one too close, one too far, one wrong angle or just a little piece of sand can end the run and result in disaster.
    Without freedom there is no life, I will not be ruled by any man!! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE KING

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