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Thread: Policing/Functional illiteracy

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    I'm not mean-you're just acting like a sissy V.I.P Achievements:
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    Quote Originally Posted by patrickt View Post
    And what do you do when you hire good, decent, intelligent, well-intentioned people and put them into a system that destroys all of that? Do you think the FBI hires James Comeys or Peter Strzoks or Andrew McCabes or Christopher Wrays? I don't. They take decent, intelligent, well-intentioned people and turn them into:

    These people had to have evil nature's for them to reach such status.
    I never called you a VAXhole or a Vaccine Evangelist. You ASSumed that I did. Your self-ASSumed guilt is your problem and not mine.

    It takes a FAMILY to raise a child--Not Hitlery Klinton's Socialist, Anti-Family, Nanny-State...I mean, "Village".

    Islam is a religion of violence and terror as practiced by the Islamofascists. The Muslims that do speak out against terror are then terrorized by the Islamofascists and are ignored by the Lap Dog Media.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conservative Libertarian View Post
    These people had to have evil nature's for them to reach such status.

    I disagree. Ambitious and a desire to belong will do it. When I was offered the chief's job I was told, "The city manager only wants your word that you'll do whatever he tells you to do." I turned it down. He wanted things done that were not only illegal but wrong.
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