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Thread: Biden sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post
    Biden has a fleet of those tanks parked in Poland. So it is late that he sends the tanks but a must do.
    I harped on Biden over being half assed in this war. By holding back what Ukraine needs to finish Russia off faster.
    What about the nearly obsolete A-10 Thunderbolt. That fighter is designed to take out armor quickly. Sending in the Abrams now though welcomed by me is half assed since it should have been sent to Ukraine last year.

    Look readers, I do not want war. I never have wanted wars. But we have messed up in past wars. Witness Vietnam and lastly Afghanistan. Bush used a very clever plan to conquer Afghanistan. Due to Bush Afghanistan was able to have a functioning Democratic form of Government. We all know Trump wanted out. But on his terms and not on the taliban's terms.

    So who joins me in praising the entrance of our top tank to defeat Russia?
    I do, and I join you in believing this should have happened months ago.

    Here's a peek inside the Russians' heads:

    Kremlin tells 'deluded' West that tanks for Ukraine will change nothing​

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters: "We have repeatedly said that such supplies will not fundamentally change anything but will add problems for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people."​

    "We see a devotion to the dramatic delusion that Ukraine can succeed on the battlefield. This is a dramatic delusion of the Western community that will more than once be cause for regret."​

    On the geopolitically-themed talk show "Kto Protiv?" (Who is Against?) on the flagship Russia 1 channel, host Dmitry Kulikov said the Ramstein meeting showed that the West was "deeply nervouus" about its ability to defeat Russia.​

    The pattern is there for anyone to see. Whatever the Russkis say, the opposite is true. The Russkis are worried.

    Russian artillery barrages are down to 25 percent of what they were. The vast Russian stockpiles have been dramatically drawn down. Russia's T-90 tanks are being chewed up. Putin's speeches are pure platitudes, his calling for making sure his frontline troops have what they need, and that there will be no limits to what will be spent on weapons.

    And that Russia had made "significant progress" towards "demilitarizing" Ukraine. Yeah, sure. Putin has made no mention of the hundreds of thousands of Russian-speakers who have died while he was protecting them from the nazis.
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