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Thread: Tyree entered wrong apartment, now hes dead

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    Tyree entered wrong apartment, now hes dead

    Good Momma doesnt need to ask questions. She knows shoot the threat, then call 911. Not the other way around. Also good for her, for having a gun at hand, not locked away somewhere.

    A woman shot and killed an unknown man who entered the apartment where she and her child live, the Forest Acres Police Department said Monday.

    At about 10:45 p.m., the woman called 911 to report the shooting, according to the release.
    Officers responded to The Landing at Forest Acres apartment complex at 3431 Covenant Road and found 28-year-old Davon Tyree Brockenbrough on the floor just inside the womans door, police said. That apartment complex is near North Beltline Boulevard.

    paywall blocked article at link
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    Davon Tyree

    When you name a baby like that, you increase their chances of becoming a thug.... even if they are English.. or whatever "Brockenbrough" is.
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    This man, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, is a liar.

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    Great news!

    Another one bites the dust!

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    Paywall no more.....Try this link:

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