The rates are widespread they alway say they are more than they are, If you are an Owner Operator and you get along with the "Office" you can do okay but that is why I don't do any Mileage rate driving I am gonna know what i am getting before and that had better be what I get OR there will be a lot of folk not going by to pick up and hopefully a lot of stuff at the dock.

I dont like high and mighty dispatchers and skunks.

I ususally take a trip for a dollar amount or an hourly rate because i do a lot of equipment and right now work.
I have done a 36 hr for 0 dollars for a friend and done a 10 hour for 1500 for a company to drop a piece of equipment set it up and come back with the trailer.

Also done 38 hrs straight on an outage for about 10 G Driving three different trucks and running a backhoe, dozer and trackhoe. Backing up to the very edge of a 100 foot fill and raising up to 60 and shooting while dropping to shoot rock past the bottom of the fill to build a floor in the BOG to keep from sinking the equipment, then spreading backing up blind to build a road in to the bridge we built a section for.

Im telling you I have backed in spreading and had one tire off of the side of a pretty deep hole, Crossed a dirt road and the ditch fell in with the truck way overloaded and it stood straight up and tried to roll when I LL-ed it to get it out had to push down on the front with a trackhoe to keep it from standing up and we drove it out.

Last per mile I did was about 28 Cents for a 48 tire lowboy with 110,000 so it has been a while.