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Thread: The truth about Bidens document debacle: He didnt self-report

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    The truth about Bidens document debacle: He didnt self-report

    The truth about Bidens document debacle: He didnt self-report

    On Nov. 2, 2022, the first batch of classified documents some of which were marked TS/SCI (i.e., top secret, sensitive compartmented information), the classification level applied to the governments most sensitive intelligence were found by Bidens private lawyers at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, in an office the president used as a private citizen after his term as Obama administration vice president ended.
    What happened next is critical: The Biden private attorney who took the lead on the first batch of documents is Patrick Moore. Moore did not report his discovery of highly classified documents retained in an unlawful place to law-enforcement i.e., to the FBI or the Department of Justice (DOJ). He reported them to the Biden White House.
    So, who reported the matter to law enforcement? That was done by the office of NARAs inspector general, Dr. Brett M. Baker. The IG is not an ordinary executive official. Rather, it is a watchdog position, created by Congress to keep the agency on the straight and narrow by conducting internal investigations and reporting misconduct to Congress. ...
    Biden did not report his misconduct to law-enforcement or to the public. ... The public learned about Bidens illegal retention of classified intelligence because CBS News not Biden reported it on Jan. 9. Only then did the White House and the president confess that the CBS report was true.

    But heres the thing: Prior to Jan. 9, there had been a second discovery of illegally retained classified documents: the ones found in Bidens Wilmington garage on Dec. 20. CBS mustnt have known about that one because it wasnt mentioned in the Jan. 9 report. ...
    To balance giving at least a partial story with Fair Use, I quoted selected paragraphs, and three of them only partially.

    Biden tried at least twice to keep this under the rug - the original discovery and the initial discovery at his Wilmington house.

    Some key points:

    * Biden's right to possess classified documents ended when he left the office from which he derived that right. IOW, his right to possess documents received as a Senator ended when he ceased being a Senator, January 2009. Similarly, his right to possess documents from his time as VP ended in January 2017.

    * Biden illegally retained classified documents from when he was VP and stored them in improperly secured locations for six years! Biden illegally retained classified documents from when he was Senator and stored them in improperly secured locations for 14 years. And that assumes he didn't store those documents insecurely for even longer than the date he left the two offices!
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