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Catholic Priest Frank Pavone had to transfer out of his diocese in New York state and then finally lost his job in the Church due to his strong anti-abortion activism.
He had brought to light some shocking stories that have been going on in America concerning abortion, things many of you would probably not believe. (including state governments intentionally making it a policy not to enforce their own laws, allowing things to go on that people would assume are banned)
Apparently he rocked the boat too much.
Evil is in its throes of death....thrashing around everywhere.

When these people are exposed, whether it is in the area of religion or government, we need to be strong and demand the death penalty for treason in the places it has been committed. Christians within every church needs to stand firmly against corruption found and outed there.

We cannot say "Oh they didn't mean to do it"......."Oh they just made a mistake"..........No. They meant to do it and it wasn't just some small error in judgment. The penalty must be paid for heresy and treason.