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Thread: Baked Spaghetti...Yum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abbey View Post
    I love baked spaghetti, I do it like lasagna, in layers.

    I like lots of garlic and Italian spices (Basil, Oregano...etc) I also add sweet Italian sausage to the ground beef, when making the sauce.

    Yes, definitely comfort food, served with cheesy garlic bread.

    It's just a once a month type dish, because of the fat and calories.
    We do it as three layers, Sauce, Noodles (usually Ziti), Cheese, repeat 3x so it is actually 9 layers. My favorite is one cheese level as roccato and provolone.

    I top with a dusting of oregano.

    Yeah, it is frighteningly good.

    When the kids were young I taught them how to help me put it together, so it also has a social aspect.
    Been a while, I need to throw one of these down soon.
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