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Thread: Hi, I'm oldschool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern Rivers View Post
    You and I share some things. But, to be overly caring about others...seems to get us called "liberals". I'm certainly far from friends (here) know that but it seems the jury is still out on you! We have family ties in have an obvious bias. I refuse to believe any of the good people on this site would be any different as they get the occasional phone call or email from those they have real worries about over there.

    Yes, it's quite true...Northern Rivers is stunning. Frost free...plenty of rainfall (hence, all the "rivers"), volcanic soils...plenty of land to go around...the Coral Sea to one side and the verdant hinterland up to 50 miles, inland...then...nuthin'!!!!

    The vibe is certainly artsy-fartsy. Yes...plenty of nutters...but, peaceable nutters.

    Interesting: There's a distinctive mountain as viewed from the sea. It's easy to sketch. It's actually a basalt plug left over from the ancient...dead...volcano. The whole place is a caldera. Captain 1770...named it "Mount Warning"...with good reason. The Endeavour had a following wind and they were full sail...zipping up the coast at design hull speed. By God's good fortune...they passed between a reef break...with only metres to each side to spare. They would have been destroyed. Directly to the West...was what he penned into his map-making, "Mount Warning". A week later...The Endeavour wasn't so lucky. They holed the boat and had to lay in for repairs. The place is now called, "1770".

    My beach... wooyung beach nsw - Google Search
    Outright gorgeous NR. I haven't traveled the whole world by a long shot, but Australia's beaches are the most pristine I've ever seen, and the water.... no way it could be more clear. My youngest and I snorkeling would get, a hundred meters, more? I don't know exactly but a good piece apart and she was perfectly visible.

    A typhoon parked offshore for several days and going on memory here, the left to right break north of the Strand I think at Coolangatta, PERFECT 12-15 foot waves with gbigger ones every once in a while, the top surfing experience of my life.

    Do you raise any food?

    Liberal. Liberals call me conservative and conservatives call me liberals and as long as that's the case I figure I'm doing something right.

    At this point in time on spaceship Earth, it's all nonsense anyway. wWe should be focused on how we are alike rather than straining at gnats over our differences. Viva la differences.

    after a while, Liberals and conservatives are predictable and flat boring.

    Not sure I'll make it back to Oz, but if so, I'd love to see where you live.

    NR, help me wit remember this please mate. There's some Island that produces some of the most delicious cheese, cheddar I believe, I have ever eaten. I don't remember the name of the island. or the cheese but I do remember the pleasure of eating it and drinking some nice Aussie wine with it, — maybe with fresh bread and fruit. All the wines I sampled we're REALLY GOOD.

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    "The nose, knows"

    "Negros were like animals and they turned the streets into jungles”
    joe biden.

    rump again 2024
    Do it for your children.

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