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Thread: Trump Advisors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by old dog View Post
    Where are they? Why did they think it was a good idea to have Trump trolled by Kanye? Even if Trump didn't know, they knew who Nick Fuentes was, or should have. Are they incompetent or disloyal? Trump and Bannon both have uge egos but Bannon was instrumental in the 2016 victory and is unquestionably loyal. Trump needs to bury the hatchet and get Bannon back.

    13 minute video:

    I don't care about name-calling or mean tweets but please, no more fuckups.
    Has Trump ever given any indication that he would listen to an advisor? Hasn't Trump said he never apologizes but would if he were ever wrong? Do you really think Donald Trump looks for advice from anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Physics Hunter View Post
    Abraham Accords.

    You are a Prog.
    My issue with the touting of the Abraham Accords as a major accomplishment of Donald Trump is that it's not really that significant of an accomplishment. It's a good accomplishment for what it is, and it's better than no agreement at all obviously, but let's not act as if it stabilized the middle east or involved the majority of the big players in the middle east. The US mediated the discussions between Israeli government officials and government officials of the UAE and Bahrain followed by a couple others later. It was a political agreement between government officials for those countries, and for UAE specifically with major international business centers such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it makes it most likely a business/economic reason as well, but I'd argue it wasn't an agreement between the Arab citizens of those countries and the non-Arab/non-Muslim Israeli citizens in Israel.

    If you truly believe that the majority of Arab citizens in the UAE or Bahrain actually recognize Israel and respect it and call it by that name simply because of some sort of agreed government deal, accomplished through quid pro quo that won't really benefit the average citizens of those countries all that much, then I'd say that's pretty naive. The existing vast majority of the Arab world, included most of the major and influential Arab states, were not part of the Abraham Accords. All you have to do is look at the tone within Qatar right now for the World Cup, that's the real Arab perspective of Israel as whole, and most likely still the tone within UAE, Bahrain, and others involved in the Abraham Accords.

    Again though, I'm not saying that no agreement between these countries would have been better, or that the American mediators involved didn't succeed in these political agreements, they obviously did, but what I am saying is that it should be put into perspective a little better before it's used as some sort of major legacy defining action by the administration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildrose View Post
    I think that ship has sailed. As I recall it was a rather acrimonious parting.
    Yes it was. The problem is that they both have huge egos. Bannon is a political genius and is unquestionably loyal. Trump needs to bit the bullet.
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