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Thread: Someone throws a spanner into Black holes

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    Someone throws a spanner into Black holes

    Well this puts the cat amongst the pigeons

    Researcher from the University of California, USA published a paper in which they claimed a new area law in general relativity that is based on an interpretation of black holes as curved geometric objects called "holographic screens."

    According to them, Holographic screens are in a sense a local boundary to regions of strong gravitational fields, and "Future holographic screens" correspond to gravitational fields which pull matter together such as black holes, whereas "past holographic screens" correspond to regions which spread matter out such as the big bang.

    According to the holographic principle, the amount of information or entropy in a given area is related to the surface area. So by interpreting the area as a bound on the entropy, the area law can reveal the direction of thermodynamic time (which, as the scientists note, is not the same as mathematical time). Because the area of future and past holographic screens increases in different directions, the direction of time is different for the two types of screens. In past screens, time moves forward.

    Expanding universes, such as ours, involve past holographic screens, and so we naturally perceive thermodynamic time as running forward. In contrast, time runs backward in future holographic screens. In a sense, this interpretation has the odd result that thermodynamic time runs backward inside black holes and collapsing universes.

    So falling into a back hole and looking back you would see the entire history of the universe unfold before you running backwards to the big be pretty quick as well, somone else has calculated the observer time taken between falling across the event horizon of a supermassive black hole and hitting the singularity would be about 16 seconds.
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