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Thread: Majority of recent Covid deaths were vaccinated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazenatsu View Post
    people in their 20s and early 30s are complaining about brain-fog and tiredness at rates they have never before.
    shit they ain't seen nothing yet. wait until they hit 60 or 70 .. if they make it that far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Common View Post
    I have never seen people in their 20s 30s and 40s dropping like flies as I am now, its incredible and I believe its covid shots

    It's anecdotal...but, I'm in a (geographically) small city, with a ballooning population...over 80,000 this year...and our major hospital is right on Broadway, on the main business drag. Hospital, clinic...yes, and cancer clinic.

    I used to go by it every day...I don't now, having moved to the opposite edge of town. But I was by it on Tuesday...they had a parking lot they used for COVID overflow, location of an old supermarket that's been pulled down. Even in the height of Covidiocy, it usually had only a few cars in it. The underground parking garage was seldom more than half full.

    On Tuesday it was PACKED. So was the surface lot right by the front entrance. I didn't look into the underground parking entrance, but I doubt they closed it - no yellow tape, etc.

    It's more believable as word trickles down, our casualties. The mayor here...died this summer. A year, almost to the day, he got on television to harangue us Refuseniks, demand we march down and OBEY! own former physician, age 48, retired Army Medical Corpse (little joke there, nyark-nyark)...full of tips for me to get my weight down and life-quality up...he disappears.

    No news of him. Nothing. The Internet has all kinds of listings, and shows him with the hospital; but the WHO WE ARE has him removed.

    Because he had a stroke. Imagine! A stroke! Who'd a thunk it? I remember how enthused our Navy medical officer was, when we were given the "opportunity" (were ordered) to get the new anthrax vaccine. I was getting out in weeks, and tried to demur. I was told I would be given Court Martial if I did - and held past my end-of-enlistment date, and in the brig, I would be forced to receive the injection.

    So, obviously Dr. McH., remembering his military training...had IMPLICIT trust in his government.

    Obviously they were slowly working up to the young Malthusians slowly rose to the top, like solids in a septic tank.

    But here's something that's not anecdotal.