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My wife had selective PMS. Wait, all PMS was selective. My step-daughter caught PMS from her mother and when she went into the Coast Guard she threw one, just one, of her patented PMS temper tantrums and met Mr. Brig. No more tantrums...until she got married. Even my wife's PMS rages were only at home. Never at work. She thought a wife couldn't get fired.

There is also an issue of fetal alcohol syndrome and the less severe fetal alcohol effects. These are caused by women drinking and/or using drugs while pregnant. I have known cases where the children of mothers who admitted heavy drinking through pregnancy were diagnosed with ADHD instead of fetal alcohol effects.
Again extreme PMS can probably be real and over diagnosed. People tend to look at ADD and other disorders they have not experienced as black or white
They either don't exist or they are running rampant.
The truth is usually inbetween