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Thread: Hurricanes and Lies

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    Hurricanes and Lies

    John Stossel has made a video which I suspect is based on Hurricane Ian bullshit.

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    Of course those who benefit from the fear they are promoting will never give up running up the tax payers bills. I live in Florida, I live 100 miles from Tampa Bay and about the same from the Atlantic Ocean. The risk of a storm taking my house is very small yet my flood insurance payments are predicated on the buffoons with money who build on flood plains and water front property.

    Bear in mind people that the government does not pay for flood damage, you the tax payers do. Why should I have to pay for the insurance of the fool who has built his house in the middle of the St Johns River 3 miles from its mouth where it empties in the Atlantic ocean?

    If government is the answer it was a very stupid question.
    I am not joe biden and I both understand and approve this message

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    We're being lied to now and we've been lied to as far back as this old man can remember.
    Way back in the early "50s I was involved with a govt. program that had volunteers stationed over a good part of the US called The Ground Observers Corp.. We would watch the skis and report all aircraft activity to a central location, by phone giving the type, approximate height, direction of flight etc. We were told that there was a chance that some country in Europe may slip past our radar and attempt to bomb Cleveland. We dutifully spent hundreds of hours doing that. Years later I learned that no country had the capability to fly over here to bomb us even on a suicide mission much less fly back home. There was even an air raid siren in Bay Village, Ohio and they would have practice alerts. When it would go off they expected people to pull over to the side if the road and if you were really into it, get out of your car and lay in a ditch. Again they knew that Cleveland wasn't going to be bombed but gullible people believed their bullshit. Now that was all a huge lie. They were just peddling fear.

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