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Thread: An Even Bigger Russian Collapse A Kherson?

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    An Even Bigger Russian Collapse A Kherson?

    Apparently the largest and best-equipped Russian forces in Ukraine are trapped on the right bank of the Dniepre near Kherson.

    Of all the bridges to the south bank four are left and they are reduced to foot bridges. the large and well-equopped troops are out of ammunition and other supplies. Soon, the choice will be a "Dunkirk" where orcs on foot drop their equipment and run across the bridges or they surrender.

    The Russian forces on the left bank will be unable to stop the Ukrainians from crossing the Dniepre in force. Crimea could fall quickly as the Russians have been evacuating for at least a month. How long before the Russians and Ukrainians ar string at each other across the collapsed spans of the Kerch Strait bridge?

    As the link points out the Russians could turn things around but that looks more and more remote each day.

    Russian forces in Luhan and Donetsk show little resistance. Ukraine could be back to its 2013 borders in a few months.

    Just where does Russia use its nukes? Or does it become a Chinese satrap?
    Marxists, Socialists, Democrats, Russians, and the legacy media.

    They lie all the time. They lie about everything.

    They know they are lying. We know they are lying. They know we know they are lying.

    They lie anyway. It's what they do.

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