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Thread: How About Some Real History for a Change?

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    How About Some Real History for a Change?

    The video at the bottom of this article was in my YouTube suggestions a while back, and it truly is interesting. It’s an audio-book presentation of the testimonial of Fanny Kelly, a woman held captive by American Indians in the 19th century.

    Titled Narrative of My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians, such material is invaluable because it’s not from a textbook compiled by college professors who serve up revisionist history, filtered through the lens of their own biases. It’s a firsthand account provided by someone who was actually there.

    Read more Selwyn Duke

    Recording quiet long, but very informative if you're interested in history from those who lived it.
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    If you are into this kind of thing, the Oklahoma Pioneer Papers might be interesting to you. Easy reading. They are a series of interviews where each OK pioneer tells a short story or two. Couple minutes read for each one. They have hundreds or thousands and you can search by surname.

    Search Results for "cooksey"

    H A Cooksey and I R Babbs, from Effingham IL, are part of my family. They moved to Geary OK. It is a desolate place to make a living.

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    If you go to the archives and pull the 1860 census (or any of them actually) in most of the southern states you will find a lot of interesting things, for instance the southern states had imbedded Indian nations that were as large or larger than most of the counties.

    You will find a Slave roster with the owners names, AND THE RACE OF THE OWNER including a lot of BLACK FREEMEN that owned slaves in almost every county in Alabama and Mississippi Tennessee had free blacks in the western section (as far as I have gotten} and some of them owned slaves too.

    The history of whitey owning slaves in this country for 300 years is BS as the country only actually existed for about 86 years before 1866.

    Real history decimates the current educational system and 'UNwoke" narrative of the history of slavery in this country and the number of slave owners.

    The most heinous lie is the number of slaveowners in a state compared to the number of families in the state.

    Slave owners made up a very small percentage of the population of any of the slave owning states.

    I came upon the name of a Black Woman OWNER in the Franklin county AL. While most slave owners only had from 10 to 30 slaves, this lady had twice that many. If memory serves me she had a large homestead out in the area between Cherokee Alabama and Belgreen, Al with a private road named for her.

    So are the descendants of the black slave owners going to get reparations from whitey too?

    My Great Grandmother was an full blood Indian I have seen pictures of her as a young woman, I can say great papaw had a really good eye She and My Great Grandfather were married in Hardin County Tennessee, both families had lived around the Chickasaw and the Choctaw nations in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi at some time through the 1790 through the 1950 period.

    The Tennessee River and the Memphis-Charleston line were within a two day wagon trip to most of the areas then and a ten to thirty minute ride now and were the interstates of the time.

    The Early history of this country has been twisted to such an extent as to be unrecognizable to anyone who ever knew it.

    We hear from those who would destroy it daily "Oh that was all lies to make it seem better than it was really."

    If so it is hard to understand how all of the people involved had the same general timelines, events and the writings and the documents of the government entities involved in the area and even in other nations had the same basic information and timeline also.

    Seems like jonny come lately is the one with lies on his tongue to what end is the question.
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    It's okay for non-whites to own slaves. Slavery is only bad cuz white slave owners just whipped their slaves all day long for nothing and were always sexually excited by sweating fat smelly black women and raped them many times a day each.

    And a huge flock of flying pigs just flew over my house.

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