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Thread: Putin Suffers Most Humiliating Ukraine Defeat Yet​

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knightkore View Post
    I'm starting to see the big picture & how Soros has been using America to nation build the world in his image. He nearly had the whole mid east. I think he was going to try to wrap up Israel but then Trump came along. Now he pulled out everything to install Biden & instead is having Biden do his dirty work in Ukraine. The end goal is to get Russia. I think he'll succeed. Then he'll use Russia to come after Israel.

    Next he'll try China but China & the Kings of the East as the Bible calls them successfully resists.

    I'm seeing a bit how all this unfolds. Putin didn't realize just how powerful & committed Soros/Globalists are.
    I can't predict the future. But I see how the present is working. I see why Hungary was trying to get some transparency and accountability into the NGOs. But the EU stopped them by holding back money.
    The political NGOs became the CIAs footsoldiers a few decades ago. And the CIA has become a major tool of the LWO. The Brennan era was certainly a milestone in the LWO's plan. He was the director of the CIA during the Ukraine coup - the regime change forced by the US - in 2013/2014.
    "There is simply no justification or provocation for Russias choice of war. Its an example of one of the oldest of human impulses: using brute force and disinformation to satisfy a craving for absolute power and control."
    Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.
    26 March 2022

    "Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic."
    Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.
    01 September 2022

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