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Thread: Athletes Collapsing All Over the World

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    Feel like fact-checking 1354 examples with news links included?

    Well here ya go.

    Too lazy to do your own homework? Well here ya go:


    Too ignorant to learn? Well here ya go:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Call_me_Ishmael View Post
    You need to read more. Clear evidence of young atheletes just dying suddenly.

    Sudden Deaths in Young Competitive Athletes


    Ummmm ... whoops... that's from a 2009 study.
    I guess I'm a vaxhole for pointing out the date.

    The vax does not seem like a good vax. And there are likely side effects. But when people point out examples of athletes dying suddenly as evidence of the side effect, I have to wonder if they researched the malady as it occured prior to the vax. Covid without the vax has also been a cause of these heart problems. People need to do some research.... vett articles that they read, look for other research that supports or refutes what they think is true and post that more exhaustive results of research.

    I know....VAXHOLE here. F those who say so. I myself believe the vax had a negative effect on some cancer medicine I was taking. Do I need to go into details so as to avoid the label VAXHOLE? I won't. To those who want to apply the label to anyone trying to disseminate factual information..... stick the label up your ass.
    A VAXhole is someone that advocates Vaccine mandates by employers and/or the government. I have not seen you do that.
    I never called you a VAXhole or a Vaccine Evangelist. You ASSumed that I did. Your self-ASSumed guilt is your problem and not mine.

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    Islam is a religion of violence and terror as practiced by the Islamofascists. The Muslims that do speak out against terror are then terrorized by the Islamofascists and are ignored by the Lap Dog Media.

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    Yeah some people are too stupid to figure out a snake will bite them if they try to pet it.
    I have too many friends who are dead or having problems from the vaccine on the same time schedule as my wife and I.
    A lot of the ones who initially told me they were doing good with it a year or so ago are having sudden issues.

    I would like to see any evidence that the NON vaccine prevented a case of covid.
    There is none because it does not prevent covid.
    Therefore by conventional standards the risk is 100% and the reward is 0%.
    There is also nothing but revenue driven opinion and conjecture to bolster the position of the NON vaccine supporters while there is massive actual verifiable cause and effect analysis to PROVE the NON vaccine causes injury to people who had no medical problem before they were inoculated with the poison.

    The Name calling is the same as the group of people calling so many groups of people concerned with voter fraud, climate fraud, NWO agendas "CONSPIRACY NUTS".

    FACTS ARE FACTS, those who follow the truth and the money know the FACTS, others just puke BS.
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    Without freedom there is no life, I will not be ruled by any man!! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE KING

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