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Thread: Greetings from usurp.

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    Don't mess with the QUEEN you will lose your head HEHEHEH!!!!
    Without freedom there is no life, I will not be ruled by any man!! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE KING

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    I'm no queen. I'm just an unpaid volunteer herding cats.
    Election Denial of Hillary vs Election Denial of President Trump: what say YOU?
    Isn’t it interesting that these former Republican Never Trumpers, whose alleged beef with us is that we abandoned true conservatism, are now full-throated fellow travelers with cultural and economic Marxist Democrats who are on a monomaniacal mission to destroy this country? -David Limbaugh

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    I have a simple rule of thumb - when you join a club or group or whatever - as a member into a membership - YOU as the joining member accept a TWO-WAY agreement, meaning YOU also have to comply and accept certain conditions. You should not dish out your own demands and shifting of the meaning of the rules you have signed up to.
    It is never the case of ... right, here I am so Trinnity (or whomever) better start respecting who I am .... you join freely as an adult, you commit to your part of the deal within the rule you have accepted. Of course rigidity is not the way, bending the rules in a friendly way is good because we are all human and we express ourselves according to our personality.

    If you know telling a member to Fuxk off will get you a ban for 10 days then stop moaning about the ban if YOU are the one who told a member to fuxk off... grow up. Own your opinions and statements.

    If you do not you come across like the leftie minorities moaners: "Hey I am a black victim so you will change your forum rules" this is how it seems to me.
    In my time on here, rule breakers are advised, they get a chance to moderate themselves. If you are too immature to do that you do not erode away the forum to your base level.

    “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” – Aristotle

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    ^ Falling on Deaf Ears as the OP has been BANNED, over a Month ago...!!!
    "‘We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive!".

    "Freedom is Never More than One Generation from Extinction... It Must Be Fought For, Protected and Handed On...

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