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Thread: Today's Toons 9/26/22

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    Today's Toons 9/26/22

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    This Thread Brought To You By The Number 0:

    In Case You Missed It Dept.:

    Barack Obama delivered remarks on the unveiling of his portrait at the White House Wednesday as staffers cheered his return. I sympathized with his plight. It's the first speech Obama made to White House staffers in fourteen years in which he couldn't open with a Biden joke to get the crowd on his side.

    President Biden and first lady Jill paid an official visit to the British Embassy in Washington, D.C., on Friday to sign the register of condolences to the people of Great Britain. Biden addressed reporters and he expressed his sadness about the death of the Queen. Joe said he really liked Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Democratic governors jumped on the California bandwagon calling for mandatory electric cars in their states by 2035. I see where this is going. Within two years, I won't be allowed to charge my EV for 28 days because the dashboard reads I posted a joke on Facebook that violated community standards.

    Barron Trump is considering doing crack cocaine, hookers and corrupt international business deals to get the FBI to leave him alone.

    BLM leader Shalomyah Bowers is accused of stealing $10 million in donations in a lawsuit filed in L.A. The group is on its heels. BLM can't be happy the IRS just ruled you must declare all stolen goods as income, unless you've returned the goods to the rightful owner in the same year you stole them.

    Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg declared we must convert to EVs because we are in a race against climate change. All the Democrats ever want to talk about is climate change. When President Biden heard that Queen Elizabeth's reign was the longest in history, he asked how bad the flooding was.

    Hispanic Heritage Month goes from September 15th to October 15th so they can cross the border into another month.

    James Taylor sang I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain at the White House party celebrating today's economy. It's a song about suicide.

    Leonardo DiCaprio showed up at Fashion Week with 27 year old model Gigi Hadid. Inflation is so bad, DiCaprio is dating 27-year- olds.

    President Biden attended the Detroit Auto Show Wednesday intending to praise electric cars in the showroom. However GTO-generation Joe had to be coaxed into getting out of the gasoline- powered Corvette he obviously enjoyed revving up to say a nice word about EVs. As we say in Hollywood, brother, that's acting!

    Kenneth Starr dies at 76. Hospital says it was due to complications. We always knew Hillary would get him in the end.

    The FBI raided Mike Lindell and seized his cell phone in an attempt to find the elusive 100% off My Pillow promo code.

    The FBI raided me on the beach for spreading disinformation today. I was carrying a cheap pillow and drinking an Orange Crush.

    If you think gas is expensive now just wait till Taco Bell has to pay $22 an hour.

    President Biden celebrated the Inflation Reduction Act Tuesday on the same day the stock market crashed thirteen hundred points on inflation news. Hey I'm supposed to be the comedian here. About the only good economic news all week is that a seventy-three-year-old man in England just got his first job.

    -- Argus Hamilton

    Martha's Vineyard got more military support than the U.S. embassy at Benghazi...for 50 illegal aliens.

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    What about an EEG that is flatlined at 40 yrs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMWinPR View Post

    What about an EEG that is flatlined at 40 yrs?
    Let me speak for all men, or at least the ones I know. No one wants control of Abrams' body, no one.
    Bonum est Deus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freewill View Post
    Let me speak for all men, or at least the ones I know. No one wants control of Abrams' body, no one.

    Μολών λαβέ

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