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Thread: A question for the Russia advocates, and everyone else....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustPassinThru View Post
    What would I advocate?

    Abide by the Minsk Accords, and GET RID of that promise/threat to take Ukraine into NATO. Allow Russia to deal with the Azov Nazis and the bio-weapons labs that Fow Chee had the puppet-president construct, scant miles from the Russian border.

    And, I'd advocate that the undemocratic Democrats and the Deep State fascists, quit the fuck with the LYING and PROPAGANDA to the American people.

    That plain enough?
    It's plain, plain insanity.

    The Minsk accords require both Russia and the US to protect Ukraine from invasion.

    If Ukraine is such an evil empire why was Trump so hell bent along with pretty much the entirety of the Republican party in favor of arming up Ukraine to such an extent as to prevent a Russian Invasion?
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