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Thread: Unprecedented amount of Canadian doctor deaths generates suspicion

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    Unprecedented amount of Canadian doctor deaths generates suspicion

    We can judge the heart of a nation by his treatment of animals

    "The're friends who will offer advice and wisdom. They're are cowgirls who come blasting through your door with whiskey, weapons, a shovel, and a plan! "


    Btw..Kurt Cobain was murdered

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    I'm actually not surprised. Here's why:

    First, the social differences, Canadian and American physicians. Oh, those are gonna disappear, and fast...already they are...but, traditionally, an American physician is highly-paid, and is on a plane with an attorney. He is, or was, your Head Health Technician. And was paid accordingly.

    And out of that, in the past, we got some very-good medical care.

    Since the passage of government health care in Canada, physicians are relatively low-paid and young. When I was witnessing a physicians' strike in Toronto, 1986, their income was about that of a schoolteacher. The majority of under-ten-years-experience physicians were women. They seemed to have little status - on a par with American nurses.

    The provinces were the managers of medical care and costs. In the US, it was hospitals, mostly owned by non-profits and physicians' groups (this last, now, is being phased out by Obamacare). NOW, today, they're owned by corporations - Big Hospital. The term isn't used but the situation is real. Kaiser-Permanente is one of the biggest (also officially a non-profit) but there are dozens. Cleveland Clinic owns hospitals all across Ohio and maybe outside. Providence Healthcare owns our big hospital, and also dozens of smaller hospitals in three other states.

    So it's now hospitalists - money-oriented hospital managers, who care nothing for lives or morality - driving the show.

    Independent physicians like Marcus Welby, are GONE. They're either employed by corporate clinics and hospitals, or they run their own clinics (not many do). But a one-person practice is now unknown.

    Okay. Where I'm going with this, is that SOME of those Jabs, are dummies. Placebos. We're seeing this, in statistical gatherings of Jab batches vis-a-vis adverse-reaction reports. Some have none; some have hundreds.

    We have seen in many states, legislators and major court officials were Jabbed - often at their own workplaces - and had no reaction. Ohio had few judges show up with negative reactions - except for three Refusniks who filed suit claiming exemption.

    Of course they passed with the Jab wagon came through. Their claim was rejected by the Ohio Supreme Court, and they took their Jabs the day of the deadline.

    ALL THREE dead, inside a month!

    What I'm saying here is, I'm CERTAIN that MANY clinics gave their physicians fake Jabs, or no Jab, just the paperwork. Squirt the poison down the drain. Because the hospitalists know where their profit comes from - their talent pool. (And of course, government payments...)

    In Canada, health ministers don't worry about profits. They have to prove Woke credentials. That meant, ALL PHYSICIANS HAD TO GET JABBED.

    Nope, no dummy Jabs for them.

    They're dying at a phenomenal rate.

    I'm sorry to put it this way...but that's how I read the situation.

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    my doctor and his wife [both physicians] did not get vaccinated.

    they both still do i...

    take from that what you will...
    "The nose, knows"

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    joe biden.

    rump again 2024
    Do it for your children.

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