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    I keep admonishing people on here for stupidly trying to declare things impossible. I point out its pointless, sice you dont know what new knowledge, what new science and technologies may be come possible in the future that make things that are impossible now possible in the future.

    You could not have predicted any of out current household technology back in 1880. In 1880, in fact you could not even have predicted the moving picture. Progress, new methods, are all down to the discovery and obtaining of new knowledge. And its about to happen again, with Quantum metamaterials.

    Vacuum tube electronics was revolutionized beyond recognition by the invention of the transistor, which lead to integrated circuits and miniaturization. Whereas devices in 1930 might have had 10 valves, a modern microprocessor has billions of transistors. And quantum metamaterials are about to do it again, because they work using photons of light and quantum entanglement. We are going to have valve to IC's all over again, and the resulting devices will be the size of a quantum dot and more powerful than an AI system today. Quantum metamaterials incorporate quantum coherent states in order to control and manipulate electromagnetic radiation. The possibilities of what we can do with them are breathtaking - e.g. faster than light communication across the universe (when someone actually gets there). M

    Metamaterials are substances whose properties are determined not so much by the atoms they consist of, but by the atomsí structural arrangement. Each structure is hundreds of nanometers, and has its own set of properties that disappear when scientists try to separate the material into its components. That is why such a structure is called a meta-atom

    There's just been a flood of research papers on this

    Optica Publishing Group

    This is a whole new branch of materials science about to explode on us and shower us with the future. No one foresaw any use for lasers when they were invented in the 1930's, but lasers and the children of lasers, LED's, are in every device in your home
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