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Thread: Starbucks beans vs 8 o clock beans

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    Two cups of Folgers black in the morning and I'm good. No fancy schmancy stuff for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Call_me_Ishmael View Post
    My prepping supplyof Starbucks needed rotated. So i bought some more. But trying to save some dwindling buying power, I also bought some 8-oclock beans. My coffee snob SO said 8 o clock was closest to her favorite Starbucks.

    This morning I ground some 8 o clock the same way I did for Starbucks. I brewed it in my aeropress the same as I did for Starbucks. Hmmmm. It's OK. But I think that to get the deep bodied richness that I'm used to, I'm either going to have to add a little more coffee. I will also try grinding finer or brew longer or with hotter water. But I risk some bitterness/harshness in doing that. Still... maybe this coffee will respond well to one of those adjustments.

    Here's what I've been doing with the Starbucks.... sumatra, pikes place, and expresso with very little adjustments between them.

    Medium/coarse grind. I have burr grinders but I use a blade.

    15 grams per 8-9 oz cup of water

    Water temp 175 F.

    Water quality. I use RO with addition of mineral to get TDS to about 75 ppm.

    Brew time in the upside down aeropress... 4 minutes.

    PS. I don't drink the brew that Starbucks stores sell.
    Good choice, on that last. Stabuckers take the good beans they're supplied with, and make ghastly coffee out of them.

    Starbucks beans are the best I've found. Their "Kenya" blend was hands-down the absolute best I've ever tasted. That is, when I took it home; ground it myself, brewed it myself, and drank it fresh.

    They didn't have regular supply of it, and this was in 2014. I gave up on them.

    Eight O'Clock beans are better than most. It's 3/4 the coffee that the Kenya beans were; but it's one-half the price.

    It is what it is. I can buy the 8:00 beans easily and go through the Wally World self-checkout, easy. No dealing with bubblehead vaxx'd baristas who are also in school majoring in Gender Studies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodiak View Post
    Two cups of Folgers black in the morning and I'm good. No fancy schmancy stuff for me.
    Two cups of Don Francisco for me, one with sugar and the other black.

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    Folger's is our go-to on a daily basis. 2 cups a day, stretched out for hours. Starbucks will not get a single thin dime from us. We also have lots of backup coffee and a ton of teas. We're fixed.
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