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Thread: The IRS Has A New Army That Can't Shoot or Run

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfm7175 View Post
    ... and over $60B for Ukraine, and trillions in Green New Deal spending, but can't find a few billion for a border wall and border agents...

    New IRS agents: 81,000+
    New border agents: 0
    Makes one think that controlling the border is not even at the bottom of the list of their priorities... .

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfm7175 View Post
    They likely won't. The problem is that WAYYYYY too many Republicans are RINOs, just another wing of the same Uniparty bird, and are secretly "on board" with the agenda of the World Economic Forum.
    What I see here is far too many Members are obsessed with RINOS and not minding their D&Rs here come November!
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