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Thread: Why did Putin his military operation near the end of February?

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    Why did Putin his military operation near the end of February?

    I've noticed that I've brought up the subject of this thread in multiple places and have come to the conclusion that it deserved a thread of its own. Starting it off with a response I made to a poster here that has clearly left the subject of the thread it was in...

    Quote Originally Posted by Swedgin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by phoenyx View Post
    Obama had his flaws, but he was wise to not give weapons to Ukraine. He feared it would escalate things with Russia. His fears have born themselves out.

    Because he was a pussy.
    Insulting him won't change the fact that Russia didn't start its military operation in Ukraine on his watch. He didn't even start it on Trump's watch. What I'd like to know is, why did Ukraine attack the Donbass region shortly before Russia decide to start its military operation. It would seem that Biden knew what this would lead to:

    Ukrainian preparations in the contact zone continue. The Russian Parliament is alarmed and on February 15 asks Vladimir Putin to recognize the independence of the Republics, which he refuses.

    On February 17, President Joe Biden announces that Russia will attack Ukraine in the coming days. How does he know? Mystery… But since the 16th, the artillery shelling of the populations of Donbass has increased dramatically, as shown by the daily reports of OSCE observers. Naturally, neither the media, nor the European Union, nor NATO, nor any Western government reacts and intervenes. We will say later that this is Russian disinformation. In fact, it seems that the European Union and some countries purposely glossed over the massacre of the people of Donbass, knowing that it would provoke Russian intervention.



    Former NATO Military Analyst Blows the Whistle on West’s Ukraine Invasion Narrative |

    The only thing I don't know is, was Biden encouraging or discouraging Zelensky from proceding with his attack on the Donbass at the time?
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    He clearly hasnt read the history of russia in the 20th century, or the principles of tank warfare. No one starts heavy armour attacks in the middle of the Russian mud season with no infantry support, its insane.
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    Starting mechanized warfare in the middle of the rasputinitsa puts the Tsar in the Pooh-Bear/Drooler class.

    He doesn't even know his own country's history. He's compounding that mistake. His offensive has been stalled for a month and the fall mud season is ten weeks away.
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