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Thread: Russian Military Satellite Stalking A New U.S. Spy Satellite

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    I'm quite sure the X-37B was up there doing a lot more than we were told.

    Furthermore, I'd bet there are technologies in the "BLACK" area that would make people's heads spin.

    Maybe this is why many top officials seem unconcerned that our military is now unable to win a war.

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    Simplest explanation(s):

    #1. It has the capability to "read" info sent from and to, the US Satellite.

    #2. If not, then, it's purpose MAY be to just "see" and estimate whatever the US Satellite is looking at. (It could be that these two sats can 'maneuver' to other orbits/positions. IF that is the case, the Russians may be "trailing" our sat, to "see what it sees." Or at least, estimate what it is looking at/coing...)

    #3. It may be a "killer" satellite, simply maneuvering so it can stay close, in case they want to take the American sat down.

    #4. While probably implausible, the Russian sat may be able to "hack" the info coming in or going out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dummy View Post

    The war in space is the most important of all. Trump knew it, Spaceforce.


    A recently launched Russian satellite with capabilities unknown is getting suspiciously close to what is reportedly a new U.S. spy satellite

    Russia has launched satellite 14F150 Nivelir into orbit under a mission dubbed Kosmos-2558, and its current orbital path could soon place it in close proximity to what is reported to be the spy satellite designated USA-326. Unconfirmed rumors that the asset will serve as an 'inspector' satellite to covertly spy on nearby spacecraft have begun to circulate online following the launch and would line up with Russia’s known on-orbit anti-satellite weapons capabilities and developments.

    The Kosmos-2558 satellite was launched on August 1 at 20:25 UTC from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia as a payload on the Soyuz-2.1v rocket. Kosmos-2558, which the Russian Ministry of Defense itself said is a military satellite in an official statement, was then deployed into a Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO), which pertains to satellites that travel over the polar regions of the globe so their orbital paths are synchronous with the Sun. Its exact purpose is unknown at present, but it has been described as an "inspector" satellite, a term that is often associated with so-called “killer satellites.”
    Not a very good spy satellite apparently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donttread View Post
    Not a very good spy satellite apparently.
    They know where virtually all of our spy satellites are. And we know theirs. Some masquerade as non-spy satellites on both sides but for the most part .... we both know.

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