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Thread: Liberal Elite Personified...

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    Liberal Elite Personified...

    Mary Daly will catch hell but she shouldn't.

    "A woke San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank president wants you to know that Bidenflation does not affect her $420,000 a year salary.

    "During an interview with Reuters, Mary Daly said that she is not worried about the current inflation woes because she “has enough” money.

    “I don’t feel the pain of inflation anymore… I see prices rising, but I have enough,” Daly said.

    "If you thought she used all of her liberal nerve on that one statement, think again because she continued to claim that “many, many Americans have enough.”
    Woke San Fran Fed Who Makes $420,000 a Year:

    Mary Daly is right on the money, so to speak. The Hollywood elites who get prime slots on DNC-controlled media have enough. The Democrat politicians thanks to political donations and insider trading have enough. Liberal CEOs of corporations, especially media corporations, have enough. The people running unions, especially teachers' unions, have enough.

    It's just working Americans who don't have enough and Democrats don't give a flying fuck for them.

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    Sounds like ole Mary should be on the unemployment line.

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