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Thread: I Am Ashamed to Be Labeled a West Virginian With Joe Manchin's Name Attached

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    Shame on me for thinking that slimy, lying, backstabbing slug from Fairmont had somehow acquired a conscience.....Never and I mean never again.
    ​Montani Semper Liberi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Physics Hunter View Post
    Now what about your state politicians who F'ed up the Pro-Life bill there?
    You're right:West Virginia Republicans transform pro-life legislation into an - LifeSite

    Those that overturned an "iron clad" anti-abortion bill, in a state that has a super majority, have officially ended their political careers in West Virginia.

    An aside, the overwhelming majority of us favor the death penalty, to clarify how conservative our views here really are.

    Be patient with us--we're busy cleaning up a century and a half of "Democrat" messes that have made us not only the butt of jokes, nationwide, but impoverished us as a direct result. And we've had ENOUGH.
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