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Thread: Recently learned I'm a nazi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo View Post
    Founding of the Nazi Party and the Beer Hall Putsch

    The Nazi Party was founded as the German Workers’ Party by Anton Drexler, a Munichlocksmith, in 1919. Hitler attended one of its meetings that year, and before long his energy and oratorical skills would enable him to take over the party, which was renamed National Socialist German Workers’ Party in 1920. That year Hitler also formulated a 25-point program that became the permanent basis for the party. The program called for German abandonment of the Treaty of Versaillesand for the expansion of German territory. These appeals for national aggrandizement were accompanied by a strident anti-Semitic rhetoric. The party’s socialist orientation was basically a demagogic gambit designed to attract support from the working class. By 1921 Hitler had ousted the party’s other leaders and taken over

    Under Hitler the Nazi Party grew steadily in its home base of Bavaria. It organized strong-arm groups to protect its rallies and meetings. These groups drew their members from war veterans groups and paramilitary organizations and were organized under the name Sturmabteilung (SA). In 1923 Hitler and his followers felt strong enough to stage the Beer Hall Putsch, an unsuccessful attempt to take control of the Bavarian state government in the hope that it would trigger a nationwide insurrection against the Weimar Republic. The coup failed, the Nazi Party was temporarily banned, and Hitler was sent to prison for most of 1924
    Nationalism, religion, racial anger, worker's rights, have all been vehicles for so called "leaders" to grab power and expand control. Because these things produce strong emotion and commitment to a cause.
    Hitler and Jim Jones were extremes but the Iraq war is another example. The bombs laid by BOTH the Black Panthers and Tim McVeigh further examples. Logic is often lost in the process

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    Quote Originally Posted by donttread View Post
    The bombs laid by BOTH the Black Panthers and Tim McVeigh further examples. Logic is often lost in the process
    OKC makes no sense without John Doe #2.
    Let em come, we are Millwall!
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