Certain teams such as Alabama have made it so all the NIL money goes into one giant pool and every team member shares equally in that pool.

Seems like a fair idea but I'm not exactly sure of the details. Given each team fields about 100 players each year that giant pool gets pretty small for the handful of players raking in all the cash. Plus, a good number of those 100 players will never see a single snap in a live game during the year. Suddenly that fair idea (socialism) doesn't seem so fair after all.

A hot shot recruit deciding upon a college destination might go to Alabama where he'd split his take with the other players, or go to A&M where he gets to keep all his NIL money.

Last year A&M had the number one recruiting class in the nation prompting Nick Saban of Alabama to comment about the A&M players being bought and paid for. Although every word he said was 100% true Saban later felt obliged to apologize for his remarks. It's worth noting no other college coach came to Saban's defense during the two weeks between his comments and apology. Crickets.

The back story to all of this is the role of the NCAA governing body. Unable to arrive at any new rules to cover NIL money that they deemed equitable the NCAA decided instead to just sit back and let the whole thing blow sky high.

In other words - planned chaos.

Hmmm, sounds familiar.