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Thread: Western media and politicians prefer to ignore the truth about Donetsk civilians | EB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildrose View Post
    I didn't interpret anything, those were his exact words.

    I'm using the same rhetoric that I have since 99 when he made the statement.
    Post a link to the original video or transcript! Otherwise, I'm the one who posted proof in the form of a video in which he mentions about Russia's Democratic process. Otherwise, the only proof you posted is your word.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wildrose View Post
    The 2nd Largest political party in Russia is the communist party, in the US the communist party can't break 1% in any national election.
    One Communist is one too many. As such, I'm not about to criticize Russia's house until we get our own house in line first. That begins with laws that prevent children from being given puberty blockers and undergoing surgery at a young age and laws that protect women's sports. As for blacks, the problem plaguing the black community is BLM demanding that the police department get defunded and legislating laws that encumber the police from being able to do their jobs properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Call_me_Ishmael View Post
    He says right there in the video it's not true.
    Yeah, but it is "A video released by the Kremlin", so WR automatically dismisses it.
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    The Stalinesque bloodline and combat preferences continue here it would seem.

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