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    Quote Originally Posted by UKSmartypants View Post
    Complete bollox. Science is the pursuit of the truth, which is validated and proven by repeatable experiments and observation of phenomena. There no faith in it. Its facts and maths.
    Actually it is speculative assumption and conjecture based on the impression of presumed fact as determined by those who are questioning the premise.
    Just because an experiment creates a repeatable result 100 times in a temporal matrix does not mean it is forever, or is even stable.
    It is a group of singular events with congruent outcomes..
    As the "science" of vaccines seems to change with the definition.
    So we can rename a pile of dog excrement a vaccine push it into a persons body and when it does not prevent or stop the disease we can still call it a vaccine and sell it for billions of dollars to use for the expansion of a murderous monarchal plot to subjugate the populous of the world.
    Without freedom there is no life, I will not be ruled by any man!! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE KING

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