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Thread: Blacks upset that Payton Grendon was not shot by Buffalo police.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swedgin View Post
    That would actually be merciful, based on what this man can expect from his life in prison...

    No if's, ands, or buts...IF I knew I was going to the Graybar Hotel for LIFE, I would ASK for lethal injection...
    He had a chance to commit suicide by cop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Traddles View Post
    While I would, hypothetically, prefer he had assumed asphalt temperature - by his own hand, by the hand of one of his intended victims, or by a proper police action I don't care - that he didn't is doubtless due to not doing anything stupid when the police arrived.
    The Taxpayers will undoubtedly be out several million dollars over the course of his life to keep him locked up and cared for.

    That always bothers me knowing this kind of filth will spend decades living off of the taxpayer's dime.

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