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Thread: Today's Toons 5/9/22

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    Today's Toons 5/9/22

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    This Thread Brought To You By The Letter T:

    (Thank you, cartoonist Rex May)

    In Case You Missed It Dept.:

    A Twitter vote shows seventy percent of Twitter users favored Musk’s takeover while mainstream media pundits lined up to oppose Musk and protect their control over social media opinion. No one’s ever seen such a shift in narratives. Suddenly, Progressives are no longer bragging about buying a Tesla.

    The White House agreed to allow oil companies to drill on desirable federal oil land but increased federal royalty rates, so it may not help at the pump. In L.A., gas prices are at their highest in history. Yesterday I went to pay at the pump, and my options were Cash, Credit Card, Kidney or Soul.

    CNN pundits ripped the idea of Elon Musk buying Twitter Friday, reflecting the left's horror over the prospect of possibly losing exclusive control of the daily narrative. To keep Elon Musk from seizing control of social media, Twitter's considering a drastic measure. They may temporarily allow free speech.

    Johnny Depp admitted drug addiction and alcoholism on the witness stand as cable news channels showed old tabloid photos showing him totally messed up. He needs to be careful. If people keep seeing photographs of Johnny Depp passed out on crack, pretty soon they'll elect his dad president.

    Warner Brothers pulled the plug on CNN+ and canceled the heavily promoted news and opinion streaming service after it drew only ten thousand subscribers in four weeks. The disaster sent shock waves across the political establishment in Washington DC. I've had milk that lasted longer than CNN+.

    Democratic Party pollster Mark Penn warned the White House that Democrats face an electoral disaster this November if gas and food prices aren't brought down. We can all cite examples. I don't want to say inflation is beyond control, but Elon Musk just paid forty-four billion dollars for free speech.

    Twitter's woke content moderators expressed their outrage Monday when Elon Musk's takeover was finalized. Remember when Progressives all wanted electric cars and loved Twitter? I sure hope it's a capitalist who invents a cure for cancer just so I can enjoy watching Progressives turn pro-tobacco.

    The Wall Street Journal predicted Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter will force other social media, currently criticized for their insularity and arbitrary arrogance, to wider viewpoints. Elon Musk just gave free speech to Twitter users. Not to be outdone, Mark Zuckerberg is letting Facebook users eat cake.

    Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas revealed to Congress his agents will be monitoring misinformation and disinformation Americans post on social media. Talk about mission creep. Homeland security is protecting the borders of the Metaverse, instead of Texas, Arizona and California.

    -- Argus Hamilton

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