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Thread: Should conservatives convert to Islam?

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    Maybe the Naked Communist?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TLSG View Post
    Lately, I've been beginning to wonder if conservatives/right-wingers would be better off converting to Islam and getting away from the corrupt Judeo-Christian power structure that has been enabling everything we regularly complain about (especially race and gender issues).

    From what I can tell, Islamic societies don't have this problem. They are very socially conservative, and are allowed to practice their religion and customs undisturbed.

    As for Christianity, I feel it is ineffective at countering the chaos and insanity of the Marxist left. The way I see it, conservatism is at a crossroads, and in order to survive the trials and challenges of this woke, Satanic New World Order-- the darkest chapter in recent times-- it needs to reject the Judeo-Christian conventions of the antiquated two-party system and embrace an institution that has kept its traditions reasonably intact since its inception.

    I don't claim to be a Muslim myself, but lately, I have been giving it serious thought, because the problems we face today are not just a political problem, but a spiritual one as well. Conservatives need a new religious foundation, and I feel Christianity is too inadequate for the task.
    Not just no but hell no.

    Turning your back on Christ to achieve some sort of social revolution would put you in the fast lane to hell.

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    My God is a a good deal more important to me, than my politics or my government.

    And, a bit of unasked advice: Don't choose a religion, based on politics.

    That's just not what it is all about.
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