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Thread: Carter Page Lawsuit...Wonderful

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    Carter Page Lawsuit...Wonderful

    "Reading Page’s briefs also reminds one of the lopsided battle he faced in trying to clear his name when he went up against the Crossfire Hurricane team. He literally wrote Comey. He reminded the FBI that he had worked with the CIA. He voluntarily submitted to multiple interviews with FBI agents. His lawyer spoke with Clinesmit.

    "Yet they persisted. It was one individual against the mammoth monstrosity that calls itself the intelligence community.

    "Now Page is taking on the same monster that is proving itself as regenerative as the mythical hydra. Not
    only does Page face the federal government, represented by Department of Justice attorneys, but each defendant has his or her own group of powerhouse D.C. lawyers combatting Page’s push for justice, leaving Page’s small legal team fighting against nine separate teams of defense attorneys.

    "One wonders who is paying for all those private law firms, and whether it is taxpayers?"
    5 Takeaways From The Latest In The Carter Page Spygate Lawsuit

    I had, more or less, forgotten Carter Page unless someone mentioned him but he is still there, fighting for all of us, and doing a hell of a job. The article is worth reading.

    "While Page’s legal team may be outgunned, their briefing proves top-notch, both in its legal advocacy and its ability to point out the absurdity of many of the defendants’ arguments with a flair that cuts through legal niceties.

    "Early on, Page’s attorneys honed in on the key strategy the defendants seem to have settled on—point the finger at someone else. Each defendant sought to “outdo each other in minimizing their respective roles in the fiasco,” the brief noted, “each claiming their culpability in deceiving the FISC, unlawfully disclosing information, and violating Dr. Page’s rights was too minor to impose civil liability on them.” “If the individual defendants are to be believed,” the brief quipped, “these unlawful and false warrants wrote themselves.”

    "As quoted from Ian Fleming in “Goldfinger,” “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action,” crystalized another point by Page’s legal team: that the defendants’ conduct cannot be put down to mistakes or even sloppiness but creates the reasonable inference that they intentionally caused the violation of Page’s rights.

    "Then, in summing up their argument on behalf of Page, the brief closed by reminding the judge that “the FBI unlawfully used the power of the federal government, in the form of secret, anti-terrorism surveillance tools, to violate the rights of an innocent American.” “It is long past time for the United States to step up to the plate and do right by Dr. Page,” the brief closed."

    It's time for the lions to destroy the jackals. Thanks, Carter Page.

    Of course, Cassandras and Surrender Monkeys shouldn't bother reading anything. For them, there is not hope, no possibility of success, and nothing but disaster and loss on the horizon.

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    Judge Comey: "Sure the actions of the FBI were illegal as hell, but they didn't mean to do it."

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