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Thread: At the Cusp of a Global Nightmare?

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    At the Cusp of a Global Nightmare?

    man oh man, this is scary and what a lot of people knew about this plandemic and the vaccines. CRIMINAL and this administration should be tired AND jailed.


    “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.”
    Attributed to Mark Twain

    Is this only the beginning of a global nightmare?

    As we examine the mess the Biden administration and the Democrats have made since the 2020 election, we are seeing a massive death rate rise among working-age people.
    Every day I scour the news, looking for trends. What I am seeing more and more are reports of death and sickness among the very young and middle age. Athletes, pro and amateur, celebrities, school-age and pre-school children, being reported as dying days or weeks after the COVID shot. The words I see the most in the reporting is ‘died unexpectedly’.


    Eminent physicians and scientists have warned that the COVID vaccines can exacerbate any condition the person may have, aware of or not… cancer, heart conditions, neurological, vascular, etc. Also, anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction may occur. Independent studies have shown that deaths related to the vaccine have been vastly under-reported and in many cases an outright lie perpetrated by the FDA and the CDC. To anyone paying attention, this should not be of any surprise. These doctors have warned us for well over a year.

    The real heroes of this pandemic are the doctors that have risked everything for the truth

    all of it here:

    When politicians set themselves above the law; when Governors command by fiat rather than by Constitution; when bureaucrats imagine that they posses legislative power... ...then true Constitutional and Divine Obedience demands “defiance” and “civil disobedience”.

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