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Thread: Best yoga/stretching channels on youtube

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    Best yoga/stretching channels on youtube

    I have never done any yoga but I do like to watch yoga and stretching videos on youtube sometimes and I thought that some of you guys may like them also so I will list my top five youtube yoga/stretching videos for you below -

    1 - Mirra Chuberova

    This chick has such a hot body and I want to lick her feet. Her stretching videos often give me a chuberova. Sorry. So I like to post messed up comments under these hot chick youtube videos because often these chicks come back a few hours after they upload a new video and they will heart every single comment and you know they didnt read them - they are just giving a heart to all of the pervs that comment to encourage them to watch the next video. So if you write something funny and they heart it without reading it its really funny. To me anyway. So I had this thing going with Mirra Chuberovas channel where I would post a comment after each new video naming a food that I dont eat and then saying that I would eat it from her ... ... @$$. And she would never heart them so I figured she was probably reading them. So I stopped doing that but yesterday I just left a comment saying that I loved her and she hearted the comment. And Im thinking - ...... Did she read those @$$ comments? She must have right? This was the only non @$$ comment that I had left. Anyway Mirra is hot as %$%$ and she is my number one. And she actually takes the time to read the comments left by her fans.

    2 - Valentina Victoria

    So Valentina Victoria has a youtube channel that is mostly try on haul videos that act as a promotion for her Only Fans account but she also posts stretching and exercise videos sometimes so Im including her on the list. ( Her Only Fans has some nude stretching/work out videos... You could find them for free if you tried )

    3 - Yogi Cath

    I wouldnt give Yogi Cath a 10 out of 10 but at the same time she is pretty hot and I find that I cant help but to click on a lot of her videos. Great thumbnails and even better videos.

    4 - Crazy Yoga

    Pretty good hey.

    5 - Fitness Ladies

    ( search 'fitness ladies' and look for the videos with the blonde one. )

    Also pretty good.

    So thats my top five but there is a lot more stretching and yoga channels there at youtube. Im subscribed to a few Asian uni students that do yoga/stretching and they have hot tight bodies but never show their faces. One of them is this Uni TV which gets an honourable mention -

    How about you guys. Do you know of any good yoga or stretching videos on youtube that you think should be on my top five list?
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