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Thread: Victim precipitated crime...

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    Like wearing lots of gold and walking around in Chicago on the East side late at night

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrickt View Post

    "Victim precipitation is a criminology theory that analyzes how a victim's interaction with an offender may contribute to the crime being committed. The theory is most commonly associated with crimes like homicide, rape, assault, and robbery.

    "The phrase 'victim precipitation' was first introduced by 20th century criminologist Marvin Wolfgang, in his article entitled Victim Precipitated Criminal Homicide. In this theory, Wolfgang describes the victim as the first in the homicide drama to use physical force against his subsequent slayer."
    Victim Precipitation: Definition & Theory - Video & Lesson Transcript |

    The theory is fairly straightforward but the examples given in this article are not very good so I'd like to give you some of my own. I first heard of this theory in the late 1960s and it made sense to me for a lot of reasons. Before I give my examples, keep in mind we're talking about responsibility and not guilt. Criminals are guilty of a crime regardless of the victims responsibility.

    For example, I went into a moderate nice bar on a random bar check one night. The bartender motioned me over and pointed to a guy at the end of the bar. "He came in drunk and I refused to serve him and he's been sitting there demanding service and pulling a big wad of cash out of his pocket and saying he can pay for his drinks. The cash is in his shirt pocket now. I wouldn't care but I've seen three guys checking him out. If he walks out of here he stands zero chance of getting home with that money."

    I contacted the drunk. I took the money out of his shirt pocket. It was a bit over $900 and for perspective, I was making about $500 a month. I asked how much money was there and he said, proudly, a little over $1200. I told him it was a little over $900 and he said that wasn't possible. He'd been paid that afternoon and hadn't spend $300.

    I agreed with the bartender. No way would this guy get home with his money and when he sobered up and called the police he would just be the "victim".

    Our local university had a huge spring party that drew thousands from out of town. During on such party a college girl went to a party at a house rented by four college guys. They'd always rented a large mobile hot tub. The girl got drunk, stipped with a lot of other other people to party in and around the hot tub and the next morning reported a rape. She didn't remember anything but the hospital supported her story of rape. She was a "victim".

    A junior high school student who was developmentally disabled and without any friends learned that if he drove a car around the junior high honking and waving everyone cheered and waved. Even after returning to the school proper other kids would pat him on the back and say nice things. I got involved after he's stolen 13 cars. His father was trying his best but wasn't having any luck stopping the kid. He stole a 14th car.

    He only stole cars with the keys in them and he was stealing them out of the faculty parking lot. The principal said he was sure no one left keys in their car so the kid must have been stealing them out of purses and desk drawers. I went through the parking lot and found five cars with the keys in them and some had lovely conspicuous keyrings to anyone walking by would notice the keys. But, the teachers having their cars stolen, and in one case wrecked, were just "victims".

    I live in Mexico but they aren't much different. Every day I see girls and young women walking down the sidewalk with their expensive iPhones sticking at least halfway out of a hip pocket. If someone takes the phone, they are "victims".

    The theory of victim precipitation was discouraged in the sixties because it flew in the face of liberal victimhood. I talked to a young woman who had been raped a half-dozen times. Not one night at a party but on different nights, in different states, with different people. I sat and talked to her about her lifestyle. Today that would get me fired.

    Democrats would rather the girl get raped repeatedly than for her to be told she needs to accept some responsibility for her actions. Not guilt for the crime but responsibility for her actions.

    Accepting responsibility means having power.

    Now it's time for the theory of Political Precipitation of Crime.

    What happens to the crime of shoplifting when you make shoplifting of less than $950 punishable with a ticket?

    "Walgreens closed 22 stores in San Francisco where thefts under $950 are effectively decriminalized."
    California Decriminalized Shoplifting for Amounts Under $950, Guess What Happened | SGT Report

    "“Theft in Walgreens’ San Francisco stores is four times the average for stores elsewhere in the country, and the chain spends 35 times more on security guards in the city than elsewhere,” reported the San Francisco Chronicle."

    Then there's looting with politicians and others saying looting is social justice. It's people taking things which they shouldn't be denied.

    Then there's the George Soros placed District Attorneys who file charges against people defending their home and themselves from the mob, the Mcluskeys, and refuse to prosecute those who riot, loot, and burn.

    And there's the state and city politicians who pass laws to see that criminals arrested are immediately returned to the streets. Politicians like Kamala Harris raise funds to bond out rioters and looters quickly so they can go back to rioting and looting.

    Victim Precipitated Crime is real. So is, Politician Precipitated Crime.
    All true but politically incorrect as hell. Whatever you do don't ever mention that a woman's behavior may have led to her being assaulted.

    Violent criminals love to target women for many reasons, mostly because they are seen as "easy victims" due to smaller size and men having much greater strength.

    However when you mention to women that in many cases when attacked they can use deadly force against an unarmed attacker for the same reasons under the principle of "Disparity of Force" and they will smile, even giggle with glee in some cases.

    We teach people how to avoid putting themselves in positions making themselves easy victims to A) Help them avoid ever being a victim and B)To avoid possibly having to use deadly force with all the legal consequences that can incur. Not everyone listens.

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