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Thread: RUST shooting - a bit more emerges

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    Interesting, no guilt so what is the crocodile crying all about? In my opinion, crying without tears is fake, as fake as Baldwin's remorse.

    I suppose his next statement designed to be jury tampering is that he didn't aim the gun either. She probably moved in front of the weapon, and it is all just a bad accident.

    Baldwin Says Does Not Feel Guilt Over 'Rust' Shooting Death

    Baldwin Says Does Not Feel Guilt over 'Rust' Shooting Death |
    Let's Go Brandon!!

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    I don't like Baldwin and like many people I suppose karma has bitten him hard and he earned it. Sort of. Few of us have ever killed a person; if so it was likely in war. I can't imagine the mental burden of having caused a death. Unless it was self remorse for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinnity View Post
    What he said gave it away. He cocked it but not all the way. When he let go the hammer fell, firing the gun. The question is was when was the gun made and exactly how. There's the matter of the transfer bar. That prevents accidental fire and it on all modern guns. Some old firearms even had a point on the hammer. It comes down to how the gun was made. It was a repro Pietta... don't know the specifics of the mechs. I don't have time to look it up. Here's the website if anyone wants to.....
    I actually heard that this morning.

    Partial hammer back and letís go. Which in my mind means he was negligent in not understanding how that gun worked.

    I can see it as a accident. Just one he has to pay for. As much as Iíd like to see him in prison for a lifetime, hopefully they treat him like any other person who has done something similar.

    Ahh well I am not losing anything either way.

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    TBH, I could care less about who got killed or half cocked, fully cocked, the guy who loaded it or shooting target practices by people on the set at different times.

    I want Alec Baldwin to get fucked over somehow, someway...because I hate his guts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ruthless terrier View Post
    gun went off by itself Baldwin would be better off with an insanity plea.
    No, my take is, the DA is looking for an excuse not to charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freewill View Post
    OK, here is my evaluation of what is going on.

    Ask yourself why Baldwin would come out with an interview such as this, it makes him sound silly.

    The reason I believe is he is tainting the jury pool. He is trying to raise doubt in everyone's mind fully knowing that most of America is following the story. He doesn't have to taint those that support him only those who want to see him hung. In that regard there should be some sort of legal action against what he is doing, in my opinion.

    I think that the armorer reloaded the ammo used for target practice. She accidentally mixed in some shells that were previously marked as blanks but were never actually used as blanks. So, a cursory examination of the gun would indicate that it had blanks, just going by the marking on the shell. Someone went to get blanks for the gun, found shells and one live one was accidentally mixed in with the blanks.

    That may be way off, I have no actual way of knowing but unless they prove that Baldwin had a reason to want the woman dead I would say manslaughter, not murder would be the correct charge.

    Nevertheless, Baldwin should have been told to keep his trap shut. I am told he was told not to make comments and obviously did any way. Mostly anyone else who killed a person, accidentally or not, would be in jail in my opinion.

    My conjecture also explains why we heard that they may have been playing Russian roulette. Since all the other rounds in the gun were blanks.

    On another note, why is a 1911 being argued over?
    This is the best theory I've heard so far, in this thread.

    Alec Baldwin is a rich liberal. He can afford the best lawyers on the planet.

    Those lawyers have probably advised him to create as much doubt as possible.

    (It's too late to keep his mouth shut, dozens of people saw what happened).

    Create doubt, then claim you can't get a fair trial. Age-old liberal strategy.

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