The Court of Appeal in Belfast has heard a legislative prohibition on any trade disparity with Great Britain renders the Northern Ireland Protocol invalid.

The court heard a challenge to the protocol by a group of unionist politicians who are looking to overturn a ruling by Belfast's High Court in June that Northern Ireland's post-Brexit arrangements are lawful.

Earlier on Monday, senior judges were told the Acts of Union 1800 has a legal supremacy which denied power to introduce these arrangements.

Counsel for the group of unionists, which also include former DUP leader Arlene Foster and Baroness Hoey, argued there can be no implied repeal of a constitutional statute.

John Larkin QC said: “The protocol could not be validly made because it is in conflict with a provision of the constitution of the United

Ahahahahaha, Karma bites the EU in the bum

Wind back to the year 2000, Thoburn vs Sunderland City Council 2000, better known as the Metric Martyrs case.

Basically a bunch of Market Traders started selling stuff on old Imperial measure, and were prosecuted by the City council. The Traders argued that the Weights and Measures Act 1985 (which allowed you to sell in Imperial measure) overuled and implicitly repealed the Economic Communities Act 1972, which compelled you to sell in metric.

Lord Justice Laws suggested there was a hierarchy of "constitutional statutes" that Parliament could only expressly repeal, and so were immune from implied repeal/ Therefore the 1985 act, an ordinary statute, could not implicitly repeal the 1972 act, a Consitutional law.

So back to the first case. So the appelants are arguing that Thoburn vs Sunderland City Council 2000 applies. The Act of Union 1800 CANNOT be repealed by the Northern Ireland protocol, by virtue of the 2000 ruling. The NIP is an ordinary statute law cannot implicitly repeal the Act of Union 1880

The Metric Martyrs case has particular interest to me because i used it against the city council. Magna Carta, a Constitutional Treaty says I have the right to collect firewood on Common Land (its called the 'Right of Estovers'). I wrote and told the city council thats what I was going to do. They wrote back and told the City Council Commons Land Act of 1909 gave them the right to overrule Magna Carta and ban me. I pointed out the ruling that in Thoburn, and told them they didnt have the constitutional or legal right to repeal a section of Magna Carta and that id be collecting firewood the following sunday. and they were free to try and arrest me.

I turned up i collected firewood. No one from the council or police turned up, and i heard nothing else from them about it.